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FT Island Facts

FT Island Facts

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September 01, 2010

20 random facts about Lee Hongki

1. Got an acting role when he met a man at a fashion show (his uncle was a fashion model)

2. When he was young, he dreamt of becoming a police officer and actor

3. Previously had a gf who was 2 years older than him

4. He used to fart during practice

5. He wore braces before

6. He wore tights during his school graduation

7. He is short sighted

8. He loves to camwhores

9. He used to skip meals for praticising

10. He can beatbox

11. He wants a radio DJ job

12. He always make pple around feel relaxed.. He always made everyone smile and laugh!!

13. He HATES capsicum

14. He received a customized ipod. dog & blanket  from a fan before

15. Fave jap word is pekopeko (im starving)

16. Bad habit is picking nose

17. He is good  in soccer

18. He can cook

19. If he had a mth of vacation, he will spend time at home and with his frens and eat with his family

20. His most embarassing moment is when he makes mistake during recording session


posted by bianda

do you know indonesia? I hope you can come to Indonesia.

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